The Association of Treasury Lawyers  
Banking Law Society / Egalitarian Bar Association a cross Border Law Org with quasi judical origins working seamlessly with corresponding Law Orgs ie any Law Society / Bar Association

The Association of Treasury Lawyers is the only Global Banking Association which has formed the Treasury Club & has networked with Global Banking Associations such as the International Swaps & Derivatives Association (ISDA). Our Goodwill value is GBP1Trillion since having met Sir Gerald Godfrey CBE QC, who graced our International Law Panel. Sir Gerald was honoured for his contributions as a renowned Court of Appeal Judge in Hong Kong & is our first Honourary Treasury Chancellor.

We possess Central Bank recognised examinations from Singapore that are recognized for cross border inter bank trading, covering every major financial centre & have been welcomed to conduct seminars by the HKMA when we met Sir Gerald Godfrey in Hong Kong. Historically the Association convenes Panels of experts who may be Chief Representatives or Directors of Banks, to form an Arbitration Tribunal. These issues may include, but are not limited to misconduct and illegality within the Banking Industry.

Please forward your legal certificates including Central Bank recognized examinations to use the title Treasury Lawyer - to the following email address:

We also possess original Intellectual Property for our Treasury education platform with Universities, & are the only Global Banking Association to confer members of the Treasury Club the following:
Treasury Analyst &
Treasury MBA.

The Association of Treasury Lawyers acts as Lead Arranger in property & commodity transactions for well known corporations, & also organise Forums with Fortune 500 Companies.

As a Global Banking Association we give back to the community through our Media Division which has a proprietary World Food Bank program.

The Tribunal is free to adopt international arbitration rules, and for illustration purposes, the Association has been invited to adopt Singapore International Arbitration Centre (or SIAC) rules in Singapore.

The goodwill of the Association by virtue of its recognition with judiciary including registrars is valued at GBP1Trillion - simply a fraction of the value of the worlds major Treasuries. 

If you are applying for affiliation or to use the title 'Treasury Lawyer' please submit an application in writing to

It would be preferable if you could attach your legal certificates including relevant Central Bank examinations.

As the Association has a responsibility to give back to the community, it contributes to Foundations and Charities through its affiliate Foundations Advisory International which in turn has relationships with every major Bank for the purpose of setting up Foundations.

The Association of Treasury Lawyers & Treasury Professionals

Since inception The Association of Treasury Lawyers(ATL) has been working
with Treasury well as the Hedge Fund, or trading community
at large via University events.

Reservation of our Intellectual Property via this website therefore includes ATL,
and The Association of Treasury Professionals as an extension of ATL's reach.

To join our Education Committee please email
for a list of Universities near you & for Special Events relating to the
trading community. We have Alumni representatives from various
Universities who will be pleased to review your proposals.
For Treasury Education our IP includes
Treasury Law School for which we receive proposals

We are the accreditation body for Finance Industry Arbitration & we work alongside Law Societies and Arbitration Centers having a similar function.

particularly arising from our cross border role - being the No1 Ranked Law Org for cross border Investment Banking Treasury Law and Bank Settlements as well as Global Central Banking

For Global Central Banking we are a Caveat Registration Organisation with a auto settlement mechanism.
We workout solutions with Law Firms and Banks using Mediation Arbitration / auto settlement mechanisms.
ATL Representing the office of Treasury Chancellor: being effectively a Finance Industry CJ role

The Association of Treasury Lawyers (ATL) has a Goodwill value of GBP1Trillion since having met Sir Gerald Godfrey CBE QC who graced ATL's International Law Panel

Members of the Treasury Club also attend Property Awards Ceremonies which are held at leading Hotels. Our affiliate has also been welcomed to collaborate with Hotel Groups & our expertise includes originating (1) Private Label Credit Cards, as well as (2) Credit Card Loyalty promotions.

Members of the Treasury Club regularly attend Property Awards Ceremonies at leading Hotels. The Association of Treasury Lawyers works with Leading Luxury Hotels of The World.





High Court lodged documents available for international recognition.
Through Institutional Panels in Major Jurisdictions:
Treasury Lawyers are multi-jurisdictional Lawyers
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